About Hemia

Hemia : Elevating beauty with Korean excellence. The essence of South Korea's innovative skin care is embodied in Hemia, a luxury cosmetic brand. Hemia was established on the High End Beauty Market of Vietnam, thanks to direct imports from South Korea and officially imported by Thu Nga Co., Ltd. at its base in 82 Tuệ Tĩnh, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội.

Our Mission

Hemia's wide range of products is carefully designed in order to achieve the highest possible results, while ensuring that users are completely safe, thanks to its commitment to purity and nature's power. Each product must be carefully approved by the Ministry of Health before being placed on the market, so as to ensure conformity with strict quality and safety standards.

Our Vision

Elevating the beauty of women, Hemia USA consistently prioritizes safety and individual suitability, nurturing the skin and well-being of each radiant individual to help them shine even brighter.

Customer Review

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It works as expected 😍
I love this product, and it tastes delicious! I have one before dinner every night and have lost 2lbs already. I definitely recommended it for anyone who doesn't want to crash diet, and wants to ease into weight-loss
- Sophia M.J
Tastes good, works great!!
I eat one before every meal, and I've seen results after 2 weeks! Lost 5lbs and feel great ^_^ They say consistency is key, and it's easy to stay consistent with these
- Thuy Tran
Apple slim diet
I was skeptical at first after heard a few of my girlfriends tried and lose over 5-7lbs. They all convinced me to try. Here I am. I just start my day 3 since i received the product. I have to wait and see till finish 30 days but so far so good. I love the taste of apple jelly also.
After eat 3 box per month my wife drop weight
Yes After I used: 1 course of 3 boxes in 1 month: I lost 10lbs: and now I have 111lb left, I have been persistent in using it: 1 week I use 1 pack: Hemi apple jelly: 1 box of 10 packs: hemi weight loss apple jelly is very good
- Nghia Nim
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